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About African Australian Union

The motto of the AAU is 'To help, to share to sustain'. We came here as refugees or migrants and are very keen to become Australians. We don't want to be spectators of the development process of this great nation and we want to give back to the community that has given us a new home". We want to be involved, we want to be consulted on issues that will affect our community and together we can make a big difference. Whilst we have come to this nation and been welcomed with open arms, there are enormous challenges we have to overcome.

The aims of the AAU are to assist Africans with their resettlement and integration upon arrival in Australia, create awareness of about issues such as domestic violence, to assist them with education and training needs, promote recreational activities between Africans and Australians and to encourage them to assimilate into the Australian way of life. The group also hopes that Australians will join to learn about the African culture so that they can understand and support new African arrivals to settle into life in their new home.

All Africans and all Australians interested in the welfare and success of newly arrived Africans are welcome to become members of the AAU. Full details here.

The Constitution of the African Australian Union is available as a pdf file here.